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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Jake’s Witch Project sponsor. Please read below for our current sponsorship openings

Enduro downhill race mini series

2018 was our first year for this event and it was a massive success drawing over 80 riders on a Friday afternoon. This year we are expanding this event to span two stages over two days. Friday 9:27:19 is the Blacksnake stage, same as last year, dropping from the upper trail head parking lots to the Devils Elbow bay. Saturday 9:28:19 is the Ursus stage starting at the upper lot elevation along Brown run road and dropping to the Dewdrop trail confluence near the Dewdrop campground. We expect this growing event to draw a large group of riders from across the region. This sponsorship is currently open and we are looking for your name on either day’s stage or the entire mini series. Please click the link below for more details on how to become a Jake’s Witch Title sponsor. 

Adopt a trail

This year we will are starting up a adopt a trail for the Jake’s Witch Project weekend. You can have a local business or your company purchase the rights to a trail for the weekend. You will have a banner hanging at the trail entrance with rights to decorate or place signage to your hearts desire on that trail. Tell your followers to visit you on the trail at Jake’s Witch Project. NOTE: Enduro Race sponsors have first rights to Blacksnake, Cornplanter, Elijah and Ursus trails. But remember the feeder trails surrounding them. They will be a busy place Friday and Saturday. Please contact us for more details and suggestions or to see what trails are still open for adoption.  This could get interesting!

$250.00/ trail adoption

Jake's Witch Project, Take a Crap on Me!

Port-a-potties, Jonny on the spots, stink saunas, honey bucket, water closet. The only thing busier than the beer tent is the line of those blue huts along the parking lot so don’t laugh. If there is some serious opportunity here, its to have your name saying “Take a Crap on Me” at Jake’s Witch Project for an entire weekend in front of, on, in, around, above the port-a-potties while people wait in line to do their business. It will be an unforgettable marketing plan that will be talked about for years to come. Get creative here and I bet you will be the hit of the party.  You know the drill by now so contact us for more details to reserve yourself a square to spare. Have fun with this one!

$300.00 gets you the sole rights “take a crap on me” Jake’s Witch title sponsor and a “Come to Jake’s Witch Project and Take a crap on me title sponsor “T” shirt. You earned it!. You will get your banner hung proudly at the drop spot headquarters with smaller credits to the lone wolf drop zones throughout the venue and on the Dewdrop Campground facilities. 

$50.00 gets you a potty to yourself somewhere. Not really to “yourself” you need to share it. But you get advertise on one alone.

Turd-let discount! Buy one for $50.00 or get two for $100.00. If you fall for this one you get a “I got crapped on at Jake’s Witch “T” shirt. But you will be fully recognized for your efforts.

By signing up for this sponsorship you willfully agree to some or all of the following. Numerous finger pointing, possible countless embarrassing rounds of thank you, be subject to endless potty jokes, People talking crap using your name. We take no responsibility or liability for the additional business this may produce for your organization and social media traffic you may receive.