Our volunteer base last year was outstanding and beyond expectation. I feel this organization and professional approach is the number one contributor to our success and we want nothing more than to improve on this part of the festival. Again thank you to all of the volunteers for your time. Without you Jake’s Witch Project would not happen. 


Please fill out the attached form and state your desired location and time. We will do the best we can do to accommodate your requests an place you in your desired volunteer position and times during the event. However this is a fluid operation with moving targets throughout the weekend. You may be moved to a under or better served location if necessary. As this volunteer database grows over the months ahead you will be notified of our volunteer meeting leading up to Friday 9:27:2019.

Volunteer needs are ever expanding to the following

  • set up and tear down
  • parking 
  • trail greeters and information, maps and trail beta to attendees
  • beer tent
  • registration and information tent assistance
  • race course and trail preperation
  • enduro race course marshal and monitor
  • on trail information and NAMBA field representation
  • NAMBA membership sales

With 4 hours of volunteer time you get the following

  • JWP volunteer “T” shirt
  • Food and drink voucher
  • Level 1 entry free
  • 25% discount on any skills and tech clinics must be purchased day of wearing your volunteer “T” shirt